Friday, November 9, 2012

Product Licenses Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active DataGuard

Product Licenses Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active DataGuard

Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Active Data Guard are strategic capabilities within Oracle's software portfolio and are complementary to each other. When used together, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active Data Guard offer a unique data protection and information distribution solution not offered by any other product.

Oracle GoldenGate is an Oracle product sold independently of the Oracle Database for Oracle and third-party database management systems. It is available for both Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Database Standard Edition. A license for Oracle GoldenGate includes a license for Oracle Active Data Guard.

Oracle Active Data Guard requires a separate license and can only be used with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. It can be purchased as the Active Data Guard Option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. It is also included with Oracle GoldenGate. Basic Data Guard functionality does not require a separate license, and it is included with Oracle Enterprise Edition.

Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle's strategic product for data distribution and data integration.

Oracle GoldenGate supplements Active Data Guard with its heterogeneous and bidirectional replication capabilities to enable enterprise-wide information distribution, zero-downtime upgrades and migrations, query offloading to heterogeneous systems, and multimaster database solutions.

Depending on the business situation:
Choose Oracle Active Data Guard for a simple, high-performance, drop-in solution for disaster recovery, data protection, and high availability for the entire Oracle database.

Choose Oracle GoldenGate to set up a data distribution and data synchronization solution through this Oracle-Oracle replication configuration, or a more flexible multimaster HA solution.

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