Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to check which Enterprise Options are enabled in your Oracle Database

The following Oracle Database features will require additional enterprise option along with Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE).

1. Oracle Partitioning
2. Oracle OLAP
3. Oracle DataMining
4. Oracle OLTP Compression
5. Oracle Label Security
6. Oracle Advanced Security
7. Oracle RAC
8. Oracle Data Masking Pack
9. Oracle Flashback Data Archive
10. Oracle Active Data Guard

Before moving your databases to production environment, check the above Oracle options enabled in your Oracle Database. Based on Oracle License Options you can disable/enable the above Oracle Features.

Oracle has views to tell if you have been using specific extra cost Oracle features in your Oracle Database.

from which date.

Query :

Set feedback off
Set linesize 122
Col name                         format a45     heading "Feature"
Col version                    format a10     heading "Version"
Col detected_usages  format 999,990 heading "Detected|usages"
Col currently_used    format a06     heading "Curr.|used?"
Col first_usage_date  format a10     heading "First use"
Col last_usage_date   format a10     heading "Last use"
Col nop noprint
Break on nop skip 1 on name
SQL> Select decode(detected_usages,0,2,1) nop,
                          name, version, detected_usages, currently_used,
                          to_char(first_usage_date,'DD/MM/YYYY') first_usage_date, 
                          to_char(last_usage_date,'DD/MM/YYYY') last_usage_date
            from dba_feature_usage_statistics
           order by nop, 1, 2

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