Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oracle 12c RAC - New Features

Application Continuity with Oracle 12c RAC:

Oracle Database 12c RAC new feature, Application Continuity transparently replays (Re-directed) database requests to another RAC database instance after a failed database session.
Application Continuity with 12c RAC provides:
1.       Faster reconnect and replay to available RAC database instance.
2.       This feature protests against a wide range of failure scenarios.

Oracle 12c RAC with Flex ASM:

Oracle Database 12c RAC new feature, Flex ASM allows Oracle database instances to connect to another ASM instance on another node in the Cluster.
Flex ASM with 12c RAC provides:
1.       If an ASM instance fails in the cluster, Its user session connects to another ASM Instance automatically and transparently
2.       Flex ASM brings more flexibility to RAC availability
3.       Flex ASM frees resources in the cluster which can be used by RAC

Oracle 12c RAC with Multitenant:

Oracle Database 12c RAC new feature, Multitenant enables multiple Pluggable Databases (PDBs) to share the resources (Memory, Back Ground Processes etc) of single Container Database (CDB)

Oracle 12c RAC with Multitenant provides:

1.       Each Pluggable Database is exposed as a Service
2.       Enables more efficient DB Consolidation
3.       The basic idea is that an existing database can be simply adopted in 12c environment with no changes in the application tier as a pluggable database.

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